Making Jewelry with the World’s Best Beach Sand

“Shells, sea glass, conch, seeds of plants… anything I can wrap, put a hole through or set in resin, I can definitely make jewellery out of it.” – Wellington

Wellington’s workshop is in the heart of downtown Providenciales, in a bright, second floor atelier. It is a domain in which he confidently rules and creates.

He makes jewelry with Turks and Caicos Beach Sand. The collection is one of the best Shopping in Turks and Caicos Islands.

It’s not just sand, it’s memories
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A Turks & Caicos Original

Times of the Islands

Wellington Williams began his journey of becoming an entrepreneur at the very young age of eleven. It all started at Clement Howell High School in Providenciales when he began to sell Rastafarian jewelry to his fellow students. He quickly noticed that this was a very profitable business. From then on, he took it on as a passion.

After graduation, he went to the TCI Community College to study Hotel Management. From there, he began his own business called Exclusive Accessories by Wellington Williams. Now he sells his work weekly at the Island Fish Fry and caters to fourteen different hotels and stores, including the Grand Turk cruise ship centre.

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Portrait Of An Artist Wellington Williams

Where When How

 I interviewed a young man the other day who epitomises the description “talented, determined and goal oriented.” His name is Wellington Williams and he is an entrepreneur whose current line is his handmade jewellery.

The 20 year old’s “Wellington Collection” of sand jewellery already sells at 18 locations across Providenciales and Grand Turk. The success of the line, introduced about 20 months ago at the Providencielaes island Fish Fry, has allowed the craftsman to resign from his full-time job, to devote time to creating unique Turks and Caicos Jewellery and expanding his market.

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